Ethical + Organizational Practices


Diversity, equality, and inclusion are non-negotiables at Okwaho Equal Source. Not only is it the very hallmark of our brand, our founders proudly celebrate their diverse backgrounds and are committed to providing employment pathways for diverse and minority population groups, either directly within our growing global workforce or through our work.

We regularly work with tertiary institutions to provide internship, research and work experience opportunities.

If you would like to have a discussion about working with us, a current or future tertiary opportunity, please register your interest here.


The majority of our own procurement requirements occur and are managed from our Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory (Canada) and Sydney (Australia) offices. Globally, the Okwaho Equal Source procurement policy focuses on two key principles;

1. Buying local, from diverse, minority and social enterprises, and small businesses; and,

2. Organizations that can demonstrate measurable supply chain management practices, with clear environmental, economic and social criteria.

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The Okwaho Equal Source founders each manage an annual portfolio of probono clientele. Our probono clients can be individuals, enterprises or representative bodies.

Okwaho Equal Source probono engagements are assessed on a client’s ability to meet the following qualification criteria, by evidence of being;

a.) a Diverse or Minority Person(s);

b.) a Diverse or Minority Enterprise; and/or

c.) a Social Enterprise.

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The Okwaho Equal Source Lab works regularly with commercial partners, social and impact investment bodies to build enterprise models and revenue opportunities for local communities. As outlined within our guiding principles, Okwaho Equal Source Lab programs involving Traditional Owners and local communities have clear exit criteria, specifically resulting in;

1. Delivery of complete model ownership, strictly within 5-10 years, with appropriate capability and capacity transfer provisions; or,

2. Multiple community shareholding structures, with clear, tangible supply chain and employment provisions.

Okwaho Equal Source acknowledges Indigenous Peoples as the Traditional Owners of the Lands we visit throughout our work. We recognize their continuing connection to the Land, the Water, and all Living Things.

We pay our respects to Ancestors, and to Elders; Past, Present, and Future.