Indigenous Communities, Not For Profit + Non-Government Organizations

In our work with Community, Not for Profit & Non-Government organizations, we build resiliency, capacity, and capability through innovative organizational development. We utilize entrepreneurial frameworks to enable self-managed enterprises and sustainable outcomes.

Today’s marketplace also requires new approaches to funding and revenue development; communities and organizations can utilize their diverse or social identity to leverage supply chain opportunity, partnership or impact investment.

Working with our toolkit of evidence-based solutions, we will ensure your organization has a clear return on investment (ROI) strategy that delivers on your community, private, philanthropic and government stakeholder expectations – Typically, we work in the following ways:

Organizational & community diagnostic, research & consultation

Capability, capacity & readiness auditing

Existing venture or program assessment & impact measurement

Investment & venture model stress testing & gap analysis

Opportunity, investment & partner identification

Private sector & government contract readiness

Stakeholder grouping & engagement roadmap

Digital footprint assessment

Organization strategy & growth planning

Organizational governance, risk & financial management

Sovereignty framework & community planning

Organizational & process modeling

Investment & funding value propositioning

Communication & stakeholder engagement strategies

Digital adoption & integration

Sustainable & environmental practice

Employment & education program development

Organizational strategy & model implementation & change management

Governance & risk management policy establishment

Program monitoring, auditing & evaluation

Pitch development & execution

Proposal submission support & management

Partnering/joint venture & investment execution

Digital solution & technology enablement

Organizational mentoring, education & training

“Community prosperity can only be achieved with the right people, the right skills, and the right attitude to succeed. A collective investment in entrepreneurship and business development is paramount to creating the economic blueprint on which a community can begin building a sustainable and vibrant future.”

Rye Barberstock
Global COO + Co-Founder
Okwaho Equal Source

Diverse & Minority Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Startups & Suppliers

Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion, Policy & Procurement Professionals

Social Enterprise Model Development, Digital Innovation & Research Enablement

Okwaho Equal Source acknowledges Indigenous Peoples as the Traditional Owners of the Lands we visit throughout our work. We recognize their continuing connection to the Land, the Water, and all Living Things.

We pay our respects to Ancestors, and to Elders; Past, Present, and Future.